Cigar Review - God of Fire Carlito 2013

Cigar Review - God of Fire Carlito 2013

God of Fire by Carlito 2013 - Piramide (6.38 x 52)

Wrapper: Cameroon

Filler & Binder: Dominican

Strength: Mild to Medium

Flavor/Profile: Baking spices (cinnamon, slight vanilla), chocolate, earth & herbal notes, leather, caramel and a hint of pepper towards the end. This is a smooth cigar, the smoke almost has a sweet cream hint to it as well.

Impression: Not many times does a super premium cigar live up to the value but I have to say that this is one I would say was worth the price of admission. Box worthy? Yes, if you have the discretionary income for it. If not, I would say try to pick a couple up for special occasions.

The burn line was perfect and I didn't need to touch up the cigar a single time. Draw was excellent, a little on the tighter side but did not affect the smoke at all. The smoke output was good, just the right amount in my opinion. If you’re used to ones that have the output of an oil rag, you will be slightly disappointed.

Construction was pretty flawless, as expected but I have had expensive sticks that were poorly packed and made. Fuente sticks are notorious for their bands being heavily glued and damaging the cigar as you remove them but this one came off very easily and did not have any negative impact on the wrapper. I did not pair this with anything and I would honest say just drink water if you need to pair it with something.

This is a lovely smoke that I highly recommend.



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