Individual Bourbon Review - WhistlePig 12 Year Old World

Individual Bourbon Review - WhistlePig 12 Year Old World


*For our individual reviews, we won't be using the same rating system as our group reviews.  We ask each Ram to give the "score" of - Dram, Bottle or Case.

Dram - try it first

Bottle - the review has conviction in this bottle and would be comfortable recommending someone purchasing a bottle to enjoy

Case - money being no object, having this as a constant in your rotation

The reason we wanted to share individual reviews as well is to give additional avenues and resources for readers to calibrate their palates with the different Rams.*


Massi's Review

I tasted the WhistlePig 10yr expression just a few months ago, followed by the 12yr & 15yr. My appreciation for the brand's variation in flavor notes were instant. Admittedly, the 10yr offering has a distinct flavor profile most may not appreciate but personally, I love it.

Let’s move towards the WhistlePig 12yr Old World Cask Finish which was my preferred offering. WhistlePig takes a 12yr Canadian rye and from my understanding finishes it in 3 cask variations within 3yrs.  Let’s break it down... 63% Madeira 30% Sauternes & 7% in Port Casks. 


I bought a bottle of my own in anticipation of the next “Fresh Crack Friday” to sit and enjoy it on my own. This is a radiant rye. At 95% rye, the nose is bright and the sweetness from the cask finishes come through almost refreshingly. I get light vanilla and fruits on the nose. On the palate, it’s rye forward (subtle spice) with raisin & honey. It has a long finish but begins to fade away at 45 seconds…


Overall, it’s a pretty bottle with a little bit of magic inside. 


Massi's verdict - Case! 

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