Individual Review - Bond & Lillard Batch 2

Individual Review - Bond & Lillard Batch 2

Foti's Review


Bond and Lillard Batch 2

50% ABV 100 Proof

Tasted - Neat in a glencairn

Color - Traditional amber/honey

Nose - I get cinnamon sugar, citrus, orange, marmalade, stewed citrus, vanilla, baking spices, sweet cinnamon stick, oak. It really is a nice, traditional bourbon nose with that comforting sweetness you get when you take it in.

Palate - I’m getting some oak, peanut, caramel…that citrus and orange note come through on the palate as well. It’s a nicely balanced dram, very little heat, touch of spice and sweetness.

Finish is medium It is a solid dram but it’s not a value proposition at the ~$50-55 range for a 375ml.

I would say it’s a must have for fans of the Russell heritage and want to get as many bottles from them. I’d say stick to trying a glass if you can and spend your money on some better value bottles.

Rating - Dram - 77/100 

A solid pour of a well made bourbon that lacks value based on MSRP, I would rather get Russell's 10 or any number of readily available staples at 750ml that cost less or around the same. 

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