Individual Review - Koval PX Sherry Cask

Individual Review - Koval PX Sherry Cask

Foti's Review

We got an interesting one today.  A 500ml bottle, exclusive to Germany, distilled in Chicago, coming in at 47% ABV and a wheated whiskey finished in PX Sherry Cask.  I ordered this (and then ordered more) from a German website and I am happy I did.


Koval PX Sherry, tasted neat in glencairn

Color - A sort of dark reddish amber, nice color on this one

Nose - Right off the bat, cherries (Luxardo cherries), salted caramel, maple syrup…a bit of sweet herbal tea. This is wonderful, I could keep coming back to this glass just to nose it. Chocolate oranges in the background...marshmallows/toasted marshmallows

Palate - This has some cinnamon, dried fruits, maple notes...very pleasant.  It drinks below its proof. There is a touch of oak, the dried fruits are more dried red fruit, caramel, bit of honey and then the Sherry cask influence makes a quick appearance.  This is damn good.

Finish - I would say medium short

Rating - I am a sucker for a Sherry cask whiskey and I enjoy my wheaters so there is no surprise here that I love this dram.  I would say get a bottle if you can, it is a bit difficult to track down.  For me, this is a high 80's, I would say around 86-88/100.  I enjoy the hell out of this whiskey and I am glad to have picked up the backups.  Cheers! 

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