Perdomo 30th Anniversary Sun Grown Cigar Review

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Sun Grown Cigar Review

The Perdomo 30th Anniversary Sun Grown Epicure Connecticut is a 6x54 box pressed cigar made in the Perdomo cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The cigar has a 15-year old bourbon barrel-aged Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with 15-year aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan filler and binder. Nick Perdomo has put out an absolute banger for Perdomo’s 30th Anniversary series.

First impressions: The oily deep brown wrapper displays careful Sun Grown methods on the Perdomo estates. Pepper is prevalent on the first puffs and gives the impression this is going to be a full-bodied cigar. However, the cigar quickly mellows out and gives amazing flavor of cream, oak, and almond.

Halfway through: The flavors are developing beautifully. I'm hit with more almond, leather, oak, and some cayenne pepper. Not enough pepper to turn you off, but just enough to keep you interested. You start to really get the vanilla and caramel notes from the bourbon barrel and they are incredible. This is a cigar that you want to pair with a deliciously strong dram, like an Elijah Craig C923.

The final third: The beautiful flavors persist, and you get more kick out of the cigar. I am enjoying the pepper, vanilla, and leather notes that have stayed and have started to merge with new flavors of cocoa and coffee.

Overall: This cigar was a huge win for me. I loved the complexities of the flavors that were masterfully blended together. I will be revisiting this one throughout the year as it is a fantastic smoke that highlights all of the notes that I love. I wish it was a tad stronger, but that’s really stretching for a complaint. 

Pass or Smoke? This is an absolute smoke and is worth buying a box of 30.

- Jimmy M.

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